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Slush Refurb

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Refurb Centre

  • Your slush machine works hard and is an important money making part of your business.
    Treat it as such and get is serviced annually to ensure it is operating at its full potential.
    Here at CBS we will dismantle, clean, replace consumable parts(taps seals, o-rings etc.), reassemble and test your machine with product before giving it a final clean/sanitise and returning it to you in full working order.
    If during the annual service we find that your machine requires additional parts or refrigeration repair, we will contact you immediately before proceeding with any additional costs.
    We can service:
                   • Sencotel/GBG
                   • FABY
                   • SPM
                   • Uogilni
                   • ELMECO
    Consumable parts included in our annual service:
                   • Sencotel/GBG - Tap 'O' Ring, Plunger Valve (Bung), Spiral Beater Shaft Seal
                   • FABY - Tap 'O' Ring, Tap Lower Gasket, Suction Cap Gasket
                   • SPM - Tap 'O' Ring x 2 no., Suction Cap Gasket
                   • Uogilni - Tap 'O' Ring x 2 no., Rear Bowl Seal
                   • ELMECO FC - Tap 'O' Ring, Outlet Gasket, Bowl Seal
    Annual Service Cost:
                   • Single Bowl - £135 + vat
                   • Double Bowl - £155 + vat
                   • Triple Bowl - £185 + vat
    We can also offer at additional cost:
    ·         New graphics for your slush machine
    ·         A collect and return service

    ·         Emergency breakdown service

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